SAIRAM LEOMUTHU PUBLIC SCHOOL was founded by Dr.SAI PRAKASH LEOMUTHU in the year 2020 named after our beloved chairman Shri MJF Ln. Leo Muthu, who is an eminent industrialist & philanthropist, who caters education from the grass root level to the cream layer of the society.

Being an educationist, he embarked on this path with a vision to reach out to thousands of children, to transform them into good human beings and successful citizens through fundamental holistic education and spiritual growth.

The medium of instruction is English. The students learn both Tamil and Hindi till Class 8 and continue to study either one as an examination subject at Class X. The School is upgraded to Senior Secondary.


Education is an invaluable blessing that never fades away, even in the face of adversity

Today’s educational system tackles with increased difficulty the task of providing the proper information and experience to produce amazing, youthful, and successful pupils. Every treasured child at Sairam LeoMuthu Public School is given the opportunity to go forward with a positive outlook and confidence so that students might grow up to be a stern disciplinarian and lead to nation towards success.

The world at large has become quite competitive. In order to equip our students for the challenging environment ahead, Sairam LeoMuthu Public School has implemented a pedagogy that adapts to the constantly evolving demands from both the workplace and society at large. Our focus is on our students’ holistic growth, which prepares them for confronting life’s challenges. We aim to equip the students with the necessary resources and an array of opportunities to enable them to reflect on their experiences and become exceptional achievers. To put it succinctly, we nurture respectable individuals with compassion.

At Sairam LeoMuthu Public School, we continually equip our faculties with cutting-edge, core instructional strategies that enable them to share their knowledge more effectively, thereby fostering inquisitive, innovative,technical, scientific, spiritual, and emotionally resilient students.

It delights us with pride, when we see our children accomplishing their goals without compromising their integrity, kindness, tolerance, empathy, discipline, or concern for others. These characteristics set the SLMPians, unique from other people.

To my parents, I’m happy to have you join us in an association that aims at moulding our children become the type of people who really represent India on the global stage.

Let’s take the trajectory of history in our hands and build a better and safer future in innovative and creative ways, as educational paradigms are perpetually evolving.

Warm regards,

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